In the know

I never get the time to find out whats happening in the world anymore.
I never used to watch the news but I would log onto google news every morning at work and on the drive to work I would listen to the radio so I could see what had happened in the world.

Now, I never check news sites, I log onto twitter and see what trending other than some Bieber related nonsense (I still don’t get the obsession here but then I’m not a teenage girl anymore)
I kinda feel bad about being so out of touch.

For example we were watching something on tv Sunday night and when it ended on came the news, the headline being Berlusconi had resigned…and then the sky-player ended and I realised it had happened over a week ago! Doh. And there’s another thing I never do – watch live tv, it’s all recorded so technically I have my own channel where I can forward through all the adverts unless it’s this one, obv.