So, I’m not going to make one new years resolutions. I’ve decided instead that 2012 is going to be a year of various improvement.

I love being a mummy, and I want to be the best Mum possible for my little girl, I want to set her great examples from the beginning.

Before I fell pregnant I was in the best shape I’d ever been in, I was going to the gym 3/4 times a week I’d managed to get myself a 6 pack (not bagging) and I loved exercising. So I want to get back to some semblance of fitness, take up Pilates maybe and running. And ultimately I want to run a half marathon before the year is out.

I love to cook. I own so many cookbooks and I look to them for inspiration a lot of the time but I want to cook from them at least twice a month.

Vegetables. My husband and I are going to start an allotment. It’s something we’ve been talking about for a few years now and now we finally have the space and the time since my hubby got his new job and doesn’t have to work weekends anymore (bye-bye movie business)

Style. I love fashion and feel like I’ve been flirting with lots of different styles but this year I want to find my own individual style. I do struggle a bit with fashion sometimes, not because I can’t find stuff I like but I am tall. Not model tall but tall enough (35″ inside leg) to make it so difficult to find stuff long enough and the same for tops they always finish way to short in the arm. But nonetheless I will persevere!

I want to get a second tattoo this year aswell, on my ribs. What I haven’t quite decided…