Meal plan – w/c 4th March

So, back on the wagon this week!


Jambalaya – with sausage, prawns and left over roast chicken
Beef Curry
Pork & spinach pasta with creamy sauce
Harrisa turkey burgers
Mushroom rissoto

We had the Jambalaya last night So GOOD! I tweaked the recipe from…Jamie’s American cookbook, one of my favourite books it has so many hearty comfort food recipe in, I love it.


Monday Meal Plan – W/c 4th February

Last weeks plan went a bit awry, we went out for dinner on Thursday night, yes a date night if you will (our first since our wedding anniversary back in August!) and my bro and his fiancée came and cooked for us on Saturday.  I did manage to cook most of the meals though.

Sunday as always will be a roast we can eat as a family, the leftovers will be turned into chicken pie, or soup depending how the week goes!!

Yes,I know a bit indecisive this week, but I’m allowed one week where I’m all over the show, surely?! Perhaps I can have a nose at some of the other menus in the link up for some inspiration.

I think the Veggie enchiladas were my fave from last week, and I will definitely be posting the recipe it was one of those meals that was so satisfying and I didn’t feel like I had stuffed my face when I well and truly did!

Meal Planning Monday – W/c 28th January

mpmframe200a_zps9bddd4deWow its come round quick, but here we go again.

And THANK GOD January is nearly over, phew.

Meal plan 28

    • Veggie Enchiladas
    • Green curry with noodles (Wagamamas)
    • Black Bean Burgers with noodles (Jamie’s 15 minute meals)
    • Lazy (baked) Mushroom Rissoto
    • Good Ol’ Mac n Cheese
    • Meatloaf

The meatloaf got rolled over to be our Sunday roast and in its place was chicken (left from the roast) with leeks and mushrooms. Yum

My favorite from last week was the random prawghetti…recipe to follow this week
And I have to share a picture of last nights naughty but so nice meat feast…periperi marinaded steak, salsa Verde, garlic & lemon dipping sauce and chips. Hells yeah


Meal Planning Monday – W/c 21st January

mpmframe200a_zps9bddd4deI LOVES me a meal plan!!

I try to do one once a week anyway, but seeing this on the Amazing Sarah (AKA Glasgow Mummy)‘s blog, I followed the link to At Home With Mrs M! and thought I would attempt to join every week to keep me on the straight and narrow!  Plus, you can NEVER read too many blogs or have too many reciepes…I am a bit of a slut for recipes truth be known.

So, without further ado here is my Meal Plan, including Sunday (last night which was Roast, left overs to be used for lunches etc)


  • Roast Chicken
  • Barley Rissoto originally from here…
  • Spanish Chicken casserole
  • Prawghetti – aside from prawns I haven’t yet finalised this one…
  • Meat Loaf
  • Spiced Chicken with Lentils