Moisturiser Love

Moisturiser  Love.

I love a good moisturiser! I’ve never been one to spend huge amounts of money on them thought, mainly because I cant afford / justify it!  I use Olay 7 Signs Sensitive Day cream , I love it! Its got SPF which we all know we need these days and goes on like a charm, it literally feels like I’ve put on some primer my skin feels that good and it keeps my otherwise oily skin nice and matt. Bonus.

But, this post is about a body moisturiser.  I’ve always liked the St Ives range, the apricot scrub (face or body!) are divine and leave your skin so smooth AND they are pretty pocket friendly as they last for ages! I digress, when I found out I was pregnant I naturally worried (amongst other things!) about stretch marks.

Now, I am prone to them, I have them on my thighs and my Mum has terrible ones from her 3 pregnancies so I knew I was likely to get a few but nevertheless I wanted to try my utmost to evade them anyway! So rather than splurge on the many many expensive formulas out there that I had seen recommended on various blogs etc, I thought I would use my vague knowledge of skin & stretch marks, and picked this St Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin.  My thinking behind this being the following – My skin is going to be stretched at quite a rapid rate so I need to be feeding it yummy collagen to keep it nice and supple…and it worked. So, I am slathering it on this time round too!

I looked on the St Ives website and it has actually been slated, but you know each to their own. It worked for me, the scent isn’t overpowering to my sensitive pregnant lady sense of smell, its goes on nice and smooth and is light non greasy which means I can get dressed / into bed pretty sharpish after applying. All major bonus points for me!

(also, I started putting it on my thighs and the buggers are fading, double whoop)

So, this is the first of my pregnancy product reviews.  I hope it helps someone out there, but rememberr stretch marks just happen there is no rhyme or reason, we vary wildly from person to person so don’t get mad at me if you still get them.  This is purely based on my experiences and therefore my opinions, and if you fancy trying it before splurging, go for it.