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A portrait of my children once a  week, every week in 2013

wow, this week has been so full on I can’t even say what I have been doing, life seems to be throwing a lot of them at me at the minute, but I won’t complain..!


Bites and errr a lot of grass on her head.

I feel I need to give the story behind this picture…my Mum has been a bit ill the last few weeks so I have been walking her dogs on a Tuesday for her when she works late, this Tuesday I happend to be getting in her washing aswell, I had just popped it inside the house and as I wa walking back round the corner to collect the girls and head off into the woods I hear from Bean “I will put grass on your head and you will like it because you are a lady” Ermmm what, said I and then rounded the corner to this…Bites laughinf her arse off and Bean, putting cut grass on her head.  They are such weirdos.


Bean…just running!

From the same day, up the woods Bean running along her secret path.


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“A potrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013”

Bites 31 52

Way too happy at this small hour!


Wearing a dress voluntarily for the first time ever turns her into a Diva

Busy, busy week!!

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A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013

Wow, my girls are growing so fast I’m not sure I am ready to let go.  The potty training is going so well, my Bean is a bit of a camel though holding her wee in for longer than I can! As for Bites to say she loves her newly acquired skill of crawling is an understatement, she giggles away to herself and she is so FAST.  Also, this week the bond between them is getting so tight, they love to play together with Bean asking most afternoons now if we can all go and play in her room together – most days are started with these two questions “Mummy, can I have breakfast now? Where’s Bites” I love it so much…and I have been greedy this week and picked two of each of them.

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Bit of a rough week, Hubby went away mid week to Paris for work for a few days, just as Bites got herself an awful awful summer cold making her one extra hot grumpy baby BUT she also started to crawl, forwards! She has been making like a crab and going sideways and backwards for a month at least but all of a sudden Wednesday was the day it happened.  Ekk.

Thankfully her cold hasn't affected her appetite!

Thankfully her cold hasn’t affected her appetite!



As for Bean, well she has taken to potty training REALLY well at last! I was starting to get really fed up with changing nappies, at 2.2 years some say she’s old to have started others say she’s young, either way I am really proud of her, although now she has better bladder control than me..!

yumyum in the trolley late afternoon...only a Nan would let that happen!!

yumyum in the trolley late afternoon…only a Nan would let that happen!!

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“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013”


Bean, stealing my apple and enjoying every last mouthful

Bean, stealing my apple and enjoying every last mouthful

Yep, this is the exact moment in time my girls decided to learn to share...half a penguin biscuit. Thanks guys

Yep, this is the exact moment in time my girls decided to learn to share…half a penguin biscuit. Thanks guys

This was also the week that my lil baby Bites took to moving…in reverse mind you but she does not let that stop her, she literally gets everywhere and then moans a lot because she either gets stuck or even more cross because she can’t master forwards.  As for her sister, well whenever I say “What am I going to do with you Bites” she tells me I have to “put her away in the drawer Mummy” Brilliant.  She has an amazing imagination and this week has been spent in the garden either fishing in the paddling pool looking for hugglefish or looking after Mummy monsters. Oh and being naked, a lot (understandably in this heat) regardless to whether we have company or not…love that girl AND we have started to master the potty. Thank goodness!!!

And my favourites from last week…

Jodi’s of Poet…those eyes!

Two completely different portraits but I love both

One gorgeous girl, in an all too familiar phone eating pose!


“a potrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013”

Yes, I am being greedy this week with two each! The vomiting bug is thankfully behind us, that said Friday my poor little Bean took a nasty fall in the park hence the brave dinosaur sticker – thankfully it’s just a very sore swollen and bruised forearm. My heart literally broke as she slipped I was so close but just not close enough to catch her, but as this life goes I am sure that there are more opportunities in the future where I will be able to save her,and just as many where I won’t be able to.


Bites and her first gum attack on a strawberry. She seemed to enjoy it and she has been pulling herself up on any and everything this week…gahhh!! I’m not ready yet, she has also learnt to clap and she knows she’s the bees knees when she does it. Hilarious.


Not believing me when I told her that her face was as messy as her sisters and insisting on a photo for proof. diva

There is a baby in there somewhere.

From last week, I love.love.love these two images wreckless abandon 🙂 and the looks in the eyes of this brother and sister…looking like they have been caught out