#JanuaryJoy – JanuaryJoy update

So, I made the resolutions and I’m glad I have written them down aswell as the whys, its nice to have a point of reference for when you’re in a slump.

Have a dry week/month…I’m breastfeeding and have been off booze for the best part of two years, there is no way I am giving up the odd glass of wine!!

Date wise…we haven’t planned any of our Alphabet Dates yet…kinda waiting for our latest addition to settle down a bit.

Crisp walk…if only it had been crisp instead of soggy! Sogginess does not lend itself well to walking with a mad boxer and two babes HOWEVER when it sorts itself out we will be heading on over to Virginia Waters, one of our favourite walks.

Skin care. I have addressed my skin care, or should I say lack there of! I was treated to some gorgeous new pampering items for Xmas and I have been putting them into practice. And with the bags I am currently packing I am on the look out for some eye cream recommendations (on a tight budget, natch!), the vaseline just isn’t cutting it anymore (ms Anniston has no kids, that’s why it works on her)

Listen to some new music…I’d like to listen to any music that isn’t me singing the wheels on the bus, or something of my own creation that entertains the bean no end!! I plan to go through Penny’s old posts on Florence Finds and get downloading. I’m also desperate to try Spotify as a way of getting some recommendations based on what I used to listen to! I love how music can transport you to a moment in time, and I’d love some new songs to evoke the memories I’m currently making as they are the best yet – being a Mum is everything and nothing like how I expected but all the same I am loving the ride.

Exercise class is going to be Zumba, I’m still trying to pluck up the courage to do it. I know I’m out of shape and I’m terrified to find out just how out of shape I am!!


#JanuaryJoy – Skin Care Overhaul

Boy did I need this one!!

I’ve never been a make up person, don’t get me wrong I do wear it on special occasions but not for everyday so thank god my lack of skin care up until now hasn’t caused major havoc. That said, this year I am on the hunt for some quick make up everyday basics to stop me looking like a sleep deprived tramp…its very disconcerting being the un put together Mummy who most definitely looks like she isn’t getting enough sleep. (I don’t actually feel tired most days, I think the past 6 months of averaging 5 hours sleep has made my body think its normal!!)

Anyway, I digress. I got some lovely treats for Xmas that are on their way to making me feel and hopefully look a lot better.

First stop – LUSH! I got a ‘Fizz-Tank’ with the Avo, Blackberry and Raspberry bombs in, having never tried one i was a bit sceptical but I am happy to say I am a convert! The Avo one was just immense, it turned the water a very tropical green and smelt amazing, and no I didn’t get out of the bath smelling like guacamole!! Northern Lights soap is now also a firm fave, it smells incredible, cleans my skin beautifully and looks so awesome. (I do need to find a soap dish tho as my bathroom sink is currently looking a bit radioactive!) I plan to fizz myself into oblivion once a week, to relax, chill and hopefully listen to some new tunes!!

Nightcream. Well I am cracking on a bit now and this wonder from the bodyshop not only smells great, but I can feel it making a difference. It’s lovely and thick and my skin just feels wonderful when I put it on and still feels great in the morning.
I use Olay 7 signs day cream and I love it so I’ll be carrying on with that! I’ve been using this on my stretch marks, despite moisturising like I did first time round I didn’t manage to avoid them however this really is making a difference as is this wonder product from kelcotethst I’ve started using on my section scar. It’s made an unbelievable difference already, it’s much smoother and less red in only a month.
I really think exfoliating once a week is great for your skin, helping to banish a dull and tired looking complexion so I’ll
be digging out the old faithful St Ives Scrub. In the morning I’m sticking to trusty a trusty hot cloth to wake my skin up and a big splash of cold water to revitalise and close those pores.

It’s just eyecream left to find, the ol’ vaseline just isn’t doing what it used to!!

Oh, I also got the most wonderful scented candles – Lavender & Geranium from Sainsburys of all places – the lavender is just right and they are so relaxing, just right for whiling a good half hour away in the bath!

And my last is actually a bit random but, you know how this time of year your lips get all dry and cracked from a combination of bad weather and central heating? Anyone who has have breastfed will know of this little beaut not only is it a life saver for cracked nipples it work wonders for dry lips! Slick a bit on at bedtime and wake up with a luscious pout come alarm time! Multitasking wonder product I tell you!!

all opinions are of course my own, I haven’t been told to say any of this and products were purchased by or for me and not from the brands themselves. That said, I really hope to use a few more products from The Bodyshop & LUSH! as I really like their company ethos & philosophy…and they smell good enough to eat, always a winner in my book 😀

Super Soup

After visiting my Brother in Law over Christmas we left with more than a few squashes he still had left from a prolific season of his allotment this summer…6 acorn squash, a giant pumpkin and by far the most random a turban squash. Yep, your read that right!

I had only one thing in mind when I saw this beauty – Spiced Squash Soup. Awwwww yeh.

Ridiculously easy aswell.

Pre heat oven to 180, place squash whole in the oven and let that bad boy roast, should take about an hour. This works for most squash you are likely to encounter, and I find it really enhances their natural sweetness, so if you (unsurprisingly) don’t have a turban squash lying about use what you have on hand.
Let it cool, I left mine for a good few hours, removed the top and scooped out the innards into a bowl which I left in the fridge over night. (Again, not a necessary step if you don’t have two babas stealing your time!)

Chop a red onion and allow it to soften on a gentle heat in your largest cassorole / pot, just as it starts to soften NOT colour, add in a heaped teaspoon of cumin seeds and one of smoked paprika, stir until it smells delicious. Add in the crescents of sweet potato and let it cook for 5 mins or so, then add 2.5 pints of vegetable stock and 2 bay leaves and a good pinch of ground pepper. Put the lid on and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes so the potatoes cook and soften. Pop in the flesh you scooped for your stock along with a can of whole or chopped tomatoes and let it Simms for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Finally, blitz, add in a can of chickpeas and serve with a swirl of natural yogurt.

Yum yum. Approved by me and my 19 month old Bean!

Shred It

Jillian Micheals.  The woman is hardcore, she’s a trainer on The Biggest Loser and she knows how to get people into shape, so in keeping with my 2012 post I am trying to get my arse back into shape!

While I was pregnant I bought this DVD after seeing it recommended on Rockmywedding with the intention of doing it to lose my baby weight so that I could fit into my wedding dress, turns out breast-feeding burns a ridiculous amount of calories so I didn’t need to do it, and anyway trying to find 20 minutes to do a workout after a cesarean with a baby that wanted boob A LOT I was clearly living on cloud cuckoo!

So, I have started it, my first days was the 31st January, and as the title of the DVD suggests, you need to give it 30 Days, so by the end of feb I should be shredded!  I’m not naive enough to think I need to lose 20lbs I just want to kick-start myself, I ran my first mile the to other week aswell, and my legs felt fine my breathing however,  was another matter and that is really gonna take some fixing if I plan to do 13 of the bugger!

So anyway, back to the Shred, by god it hurts and I’m only on level one (of three) it feels like my thighs are bruised it got to the point where every time I got up and down from my chair at work I was moaning!  But as Jillian says

“Fear is pain leaving the body”

But god I wish it would do it quietly!

Watch this space…