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The Week that was Instagrammed : Week 3

Linking up again with Hannah at Make, Do and Push!

Off nice and early to the forest and park again, we had a nice early morning snack picnic before heading home to get the Braai going for our dinner.  It was so hot my babies slept half-naked and upside down.


Back to the grindstone for me so my Mum watched the girls…grazed knees before I had even left (typical), it was lovely and hot still so we spent some time playing in the shade and my ornamental chives are almost open – YAYE!


An early morning walk with a friend and playmates to the local river, lots of paddling and no photos because, well two children plus water plus one mummy means a super wet phone 😉

I treated the girls to proper ice creams which went down very well – a little too well with Bites who bawled her eyes out when she finished! A beautiful sunset while we ate our mexican jambalaya creation with left over chicken from sunday, ’twas gooood!


Bites started to crawl. ARRGHHH!!!! We also took another stroll down to the river with my Mum in the afternoon, and Bean was a lot braver and ventured out to the middle with all the fish swimming round her toes! A quick trip to the supermarket on the way home and my naughty Mum bought yumyums…at 3.30pm – Thanks Mum!!



Another hot sunny day so we took a trip with friends to Wellington Country Park, just 10 minutes up the road from us and so so so much to explore! unfortunately two children and one adult again means few photos, but we picnicked and played and a great time was had by all! (even poorly Bites)


More paddling pool and general chilled out-ness, mainly because Bites has a good awful cold and just wanted to sleep, she was asleep more than she was awake on Friday, poor little baba.

And my juicer arrived!!!!


Hubby got back in the wee hours with lovely pressies for all, and we had a lovely much-needed family day together. Happiness all round.


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