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The week that was : instagrammed

Ok, so here goes, linking up with one of my top Bloggers – Hannah makedoandpush

As an aside, I’m linking up badly from my phone as my husband has taken the laptop to work AGAIN.

So, Sunday saw us woken far to early by our little munchkins, wr decided to seize the day and headed out to a beautiful forest and park just 10 minutes away.  So worth it! Then we chilled out and braaied and watched Andy Murray become a legend. 😀

Sunday 3

Monday was spent chilling out in the garden and I made a macaroni cheese Bolognese inspired by my favourite foodie blog Drizzle and Dip – so good.

Tuesday playing in the garden and learning to share…in the worst possible way!!


Yep, this happened. Thanks for sharing guys.

Wednesday I have no idea what we did but it did include me and the pool!!

Happy naptime for mama!

Happy naptime for mama!

Thursday. We hosted the last of the group we go to at our local church in our garden as the weather was so gorgeous, no photos as I was flat out running about like a loon. Bites decided reverse crawling was getting very frustrating so was either shouting at me, or stealing my tea.
And I learnt that I can’t French plait and with two girls it’s something I’m gonna need to learn.

OCD tendencies or fencing her sister in I’m not sure which I prefer! Again lot’s of garden time, which meant hat wearing for me, apple stealing from Bean and a rare evening solo as no baby sitter meant I missed my hubby’s work BBQ and instead got to read my book. Yaye.

My first ever trip.to the next sale…good times surprisingly!
Then whilst Bites napped we had a baking session – easy cake pops and satay chicken sticks for dinner. Yum. With noodles, enjoyed by all. Then it was 007 Skyfall time and plenty of moisturising before bed!

I really hope I can keep this up, it’s such a nice way to look back o the week and remember what we actually did…that said it looks like all we did was eat and play in the garden!


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