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“a potrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013”

Yes, I am being greedy this week with two each! The vomiting bug is thankfully behind us, that said Friday my poor little Bean took a nasty fall in the park hence the brave dinosaur sticker – thankfully it’s just a very sore swollen and bruised forearm. My heart literally broke as she slipped I was so close but just not close enough to catch her, but as this life goes I am sure that there are more opportunities in the future where I will be able to save her,and just as many where I won’t be able to.


Bites and her first gum attack on a strawberry. She seemed to enjoy it and she has been pulling herself up on any and everything this week…gahhh!! I’m not ready yet, she has also learnt to clap and she knows she’s the bees knees when she does it. Hilarious.


Not believing me when I told her that her face was as messy as her sisters and insisting on a photo for proof. diva

There is a baby in there somewhere.

From last week, I love.love.love these two images wreckless abandon 🙂 and the looks in the eyes of this brother and sister…looking like they have been caught out


2 thoughts on “26/52

  1. The eyes from the first pic are getting me. So big and blue! At least she put on a brave face! And the last pic is my favorite. Something about the footed pjs and crossed legs… it is too precious.

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