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My husband has been away ALL week on a stupid work conference, and I have missed him so especially as we have barely been able to snatch 5 seconds to talk.

But, my piglet and nutjob have kept me entertained and very busy this week…Bites has started to really enjoy weaning, destroying banana mashed with porridge and either butternut, sweet potaot and pear mixed toegtehr for her tea, and Bean…what can I say, she is hilarious.  I know I’m her Mum so it’s a given I will say that but she has whole rooms under her spell these days, for example the dreaded chicken pox is about and she suddenly developed spots on her bum (shes not a nappy rash girl) then more appeared over night so off we went to the drs to get them checked out, we walked in the waiting room and she repeatedly declared

“Doctors going to check my spotty bum”

Needless to say the full waiting room enjoyed that one.

My absolute favourite thing about this week however is the bond developing between them, after an hour in a freezing park, fun had by all the rain was starting so we trundled back to the car where they were loaded in, Bites began to cry, I still had the hound & pushchair to load at this point so her plight had to be ignored. By the time I had folded the buggy I could hear lauging, I peaked into the car from the boot to discover them playing peek-a-boo and laughing hysterically, this continued all the way home.  Made my day, no, made my life. Was just perfect, apart from the one person I wanted most to share it with not being able to answer his phone whilst the giggling was occuring.


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