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What’s Bean Eating?

So, a chance for me to look back at what I’ve made over the last month to see what I made for dinner that Bean loved…coz I’m guessing one day soon she will go through a really fussy eating stage…



First up, her favourite has to be a variation I did on a recipe from Jamie Olivers 15 Minute Meals which was his herby 6 veg ragu I used leeks, carrots, courgettes, a red pepper a tin of tomatoes and a whole lot of rosemary from my garden and 3 sausages all into the food processor (not the tomatoes obviously!) then off it all went into the pan with two garlic cloves, a good slug of balsamic vinegar and about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and cooked away until the sausages were cooked through….about 15 minutes whilst the pasta quills boiled.  She loved it, and she hilariously calls all pasta dishes pacironi (instead of macaroni) Great way to get veggies into unsuspecting kiddies 😉
It also freezes well so is great for those emergency whats for dinner moments!

She also loves regular macaroni and cheese, this month I made one with thinly sliced courgettes, leeks and red peppers, delicious.

Beef Kofta curry, again from 15 minute meals, its puy lentils mixed with mince beef to make little mini koftas and then served with a Rogan Josh sauce, I left out the additional chilis and served it mixed with a spoonful of mango chutney stirred in along with french bean & pea rice…she loved it!

Meat Loaf with a mild spiced tomato sauce went down well, as did the accompaniment to a spicy chicken dinner which was puy lentils, spinach and tinned toms, so good for her and I can’t believe she liked it as much as she did!

Another winner was my Spanish chicken which turned into a pork I needed to use mash up – pork shoulder steaks, chorizo and frankfurters, a red pepper and a red onion fried til they had a bit of colour then I added half a leftover tin of cream of tomato soup and about 200mls of stock and let it cook in the oven for an hour. Winner all round, it was so warming and tasty.

Sweetcorn has always been one of the easiest veg to get her to eat, on the cob or just the kernels so when I saw this recipe from the Londoner (Sweetcorn fritters) I knew it would be a hit one uninspired lunch time, I was right, she LOVED it, with lashings of brown sauce.  It was also a very toddler friendly recipe so we made them together, with bean eating the corn as she was putting it into the batter.

photo 8

Sweetcorn heaven

So, what surprising things did your toddler enjoy in January? (and I’ll endeavour to get some food for the next post!!)


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