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Yup, I made that name up.  It’s my name for any prawn & spaghetti recipe and I like it!

Last weeks Meal Plan had this in it and I didn’t know what it would consist of until that evening, and it went a little bit like this.

Get a nice bog  pot of water boiling away and sling in your pasta.

Saute 2 bashed and sliced cloves of garlic in some oil AND butter with about half a teaspoon of chilli seeds, stir until it smells amazing and chuck in your prawns, with a good squeeze of lemon and the grated zest, keep it moving until the prawns go from grey to pink (and cooked, obv.) When they look almost done, throw in 2 chopped spring onions and keep it moving. hopefully by now the pasta will almost be cooked – chuck in a good few handfuls of spinach and leave for a minute or to before you start using tongs or similar to transfer it into you prawny pan, making sure to toss it all about.  When it all in add in some creme fraiche and keep moving it about so everything gets coated, your spinach will be nice and wilted and the pasta should soak a little of the sauce up.  use some of the pasta cooking water to loosen things up a bit, dish it up and cover with pepper and parmesan.

Eat. marvel at how easy and delicious this is.

20130123_19051420130123_190634  wpid-20130123_191424.jpg


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