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Birth Story – Second time round

Late late late.

3 days late...

3 days late…

After everyone and his wife being adamant I would be having baby number two early, she was late. Bag on a week late as it goes, but that’s besides the point. If you’ve ever been pregnant the second your due day arrives you want that baby out, partially because you’ve waited long enough to meet them, partially because you’re so fringing uncomfortable but mainly because every other person you know is incapable of not asking you if you’ve had it yet….yes yes, that’s why I’m still waddling around with a beach ball stuffed up my top. Nothing.More.Annoying.

I digress (being a Mother means I’m prone to a random ramble, but bear with me) Bean was born by c-section and I was adamant I wasn’t going to have another one, my Lil girl had other ideas as she spent most of the pregnancy in the transverse (across me, rather than head or bum down) which was pretty uncomfortable and then at my 36 week midwives appointment she was sure baby was the right way. I was shocked, I thought I was incapable of carrying a baby the right way up! I saw my consultant a week later and was thrilled to hear that I wouldn’t have to have another section even if I went over they would induce me AND I could still have the water birth I’d originally wanted. But then I went a week over, saw the consultant again he’d decided to change his mind and started to book me in for a section. I almost burst into tears, I asked for a sweep which I was given and told I was 1.5cm dilated with a soft cervix, I then sat about waiting for around two hours whilst my pre-op was done (my cesarean was booked for 5 days time all that time I was getting period cramps, I tried not to think about it too much as I didn’t want to scare it away incase it was the real thing and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I spent a pretty sleepless night tossing and turning and having sporadic contractions, I didn’t tell my husband in the morning because I still didn’t quite believe it was happening so off he went to work…oblivious! I walked the dogs with my Mum and Bean contracting all the while, phoned my midwives office to get an appointment to beg for another sweep and get some help getting out of having a section! They begrudgingly agreed to see me, and I got my second sweep…now that bad boy was really uncomfortable, presumably because I was having contractions. The midwife was lovely though and although she could do nothing to stop the impending cesarean she told me to get myself onto that labour ward anyway I could as they were more likely to induce me if they thought something was wrong / happening.

So, I went and picked up Bean (my brother watched her for me as she freaked out at when drs or midwives touched me in previous appointments so I thought it was best not to take her to this one) at this point I was getting pains 3 or 4 times in a half hour period and they were pretty intense, so we went home and napped, well I tried!! I phoned the hubby asking him to be home by 3pm as that’s when bean usually woke up and I didn’t want to be on my own with her all afternoon having these pains. I was still convinced I wasnt in labour at this point because I couldn’t see my stomach tightening and that’s all I remember being told about real contractions, so I was merrily bouncing on my ball with bean when my man arrived home, he asked what I wanted to do and me being me I couldn’t just sit around waiting so I decided a trip to our local Tesco MEGAstore was a good idea, besides i fancied mexican food for dinner! So off we went, we’d been pottering around Tesco and the neighbouring M&S for an hour or so when my contractions started to take my breath away so we headed home…


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