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Chicken Nuggets

So, I have given bean nuggets from both BK & Maccy D’s and felt so guilty everytime! She loves them and the texture is just right for developing teeth & hands to make there way around.

So I thought to myself there must be a way I can make some equally tasty…

So this afternoon, I made bread crumbs and then blitzed about half a left over roast chicken, adding in a teaspoon of dried oregano and the same of fresh thyme.
It looked quite fine and crumb like not sticky like I was after so I added a drop of beaten egg and a splash of milk until the texture looked a bit more sticky!
I rolled the mixture into little balls, dipped them into flour, followed by beaten eggs, breadcrumbs then back into the flour.
I then squished them so they made little discs and fried them in olive oil until golden brown – and they are delicious!!
Guilt free – left over roast chicken, eggs from our own chickens YUM!
Now to make some adult sized ones with this weeks left over and some grown up dips…





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