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Happy Birthday to my Bean!!


So my gorgeous little girl has turned 1!
As soon as you have a baby, people tell you how fast the time will go and to enjoy them (kinda like when you get engaged/married people will constantly ask when you’re going to sprig up). And I have to tell you, the first 8 weeks of beans life were not fast!! You have to learn so much, and change so quickly you’d think it would go fast, it doesn’t…must be the sleep deprivation, don’t get me wrong though – I loved them. As I have everyday the past year. Yes it has been tough, but we’ve had a lot on over that year. Moving into a house share that categorically did not work and put us under more strain than a couple planning their wedding in 3 weeks with a 3/4 month old baby should be under, getting married, starting new jobs. Phew, it’s been a hell of a year, but it’s also been the one of the best.

I got myself into full on Mummy-makes mode for the party, insisting on doing everything myself. We decided to have a birthday braai (hubby is South African) so we needed the weather to play ball, which it miraculously did! My husband worked so hard to get the garden perfect for our first braai of the year and it was such an amazing day. I marinaded all the meat the night before (steaks, pork & lamb chops, chicken and sausages in case you were interested) and set about making my second ever cake, the first being the test run the previous week. I had my heart set on a pink ombré cake, but was worried that I was being a tad too ambitious this post reassured me I wasn’t so away I went. It was delicious and beautiful and I was very proud of myself 🙂

Salads were my next stop, after icing the cake in the morning whilst the bean took an uncharacteristicly long morning nap (2 hours people, wahoo!!) I made a leafy salad, with peppers, avo, beetroot, celery, red onion and feta crumbled on top and this beauty from my new fave blog. It was to die for, I have never received so many complements for a salad, even bean enjoyed some! To be fair, bean sat in her highchair next to her beloved grandad and shared every morsel he had on his plate, all without trashing her fancy new party dress. Miracle.

Bean had such a wonderful day, she taught herself to go down the slide and crawled about the garden to her hearts content. I don’t think I wiped the smile off my face all day, I just can’t believe she’s ONE!


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