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So, I’m pregnant. Again.

It’s made me think back to when I was researching for ALL of the stuff I was going to need for this little bean I was growing

We decide (well, I did, so it’s hubbies turn to make the decision this time!) not to find out the sex so when it came to clothes and stuff we didn’t got mad, we bought neutral or just white. It was tougher the closer to the end we got as I kept wanting to buy little outfits but couldn’t, but I was so glad we waited it was a lovely surprise.

But, back to the point. I turned to the web for product reviews on things such as Change Bags, Breast Pumps, Pushchair / travel systems (not that I had a clue what that was to start with) but more importantly to what real Mums were saying so reviews on Amazon and forums like Mumsnet as I had no friends that were pregnant who could recommend to me. And recently I saw something in an online magazine that I really rated, one of the contributors had written their “Essentials” for an impending stork visit…to say it irritated me is mild. It infuriated me, here I was reading what I had thought was a brilliant magazine, when all of a sudden there was this article spouting nonsense to readers who are already in a vulnerable place. You are already a marketers dream when you are pregnant as you only want THE BEST for your new arrival so it’s already quite a minefield, but if you can be level headed and keep your wits about you, you can see through most of it. However having an already parent telling you must-haves, you think it’s trustable source. Wrong. This writter said “A bottle warmer” even if you are breast feeding you will use this everyday. I am mother to an almost 1 year old, who breastfed for 6 months and I have NEVER used one, even when out and about and even when we started formula. So there was the first thing that enraged me.
Second. “Get an expensive pram/buggy” No, get the best YOU can afford that is best suited to your needs.
It went on, stating ridiculous and very specific brands of blanket and baby grows from John Lewis blah blah blah.

So, I decided that I would do a little mini series reviewing the products I found useful so that when someone else is googling away trying to find their perfect baby essentials, maybe just maybe my review will help. Rather than incite rage 😉

Source - Weheartit.com


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