A while ago now, too long ago of I’m being honest we were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous toys to review by the even more fabulous Merry @ patch of puddles (and if you have never been to her blog, go its heart wrenchingly honest and beautiful family life blog, I frequently lose myself for hours)

So we chose two toys from The Manhatten Toys range, I wanted to pick something out that my little bean hadn’t yet familiarised herself with, but had aspects of toys she already has and enjoys playing with. So we went for a ball that was brightly coloured and also had tags coming from it as she loves tags, and the second choice was something musical as she just adores music.

Whoozit Star

Taggie Ball

When the products arrived I was so excited! Bean helped me to unpack the box and she was very intrigued with the ball, with it’s lovely bright and contrasting colours and the ribbon tags coming off are perfect for her little hands to grab and of course perfect for her to chew! Another great if not slightly random plus point for me personally is that it is the only ball toy that we have that the dog isn’t interested in – it obviously doesn’t resemble a ball enough for him to want to steal 😉

It has another smaller ball inside which has bells inside so it jangles away as it is rolled, or shook by Bean, which she loved.
We have had lots of fun with this ball, especially since the crawling started, I roll it along for her and she will happily scramble after it.

Ball within a ball!

The second toy – The Whoozit star took Bean a little while longer to warm up to, but once she did she really enjoyed it.  Its a cute little smiley star with 6 appendages, one plastic ideal for chewing, and the bottom one is an easy-pull to activate the vibration and music aswell as ligths which flash from inside two star appendages either side.

Bean finds this toy really easy to handle and now she is in her forward facing car seat it stays nicely in her lap rather than taking a suicude dive for the floor which is great for me when driving!  The best bit about this toy for me is the fact that Bean can easily activate the sound and lights as some toys we have tried make it all too difficult for tiny hands to be able to pull hard enough to get it going.

Just about see the flasing light in the star!

All in all I was really pleased with the toys, so get yourself over to Play Merrily Toys and have a look see.

Thanks again to Merry for this lovely oppourtunty & so sorry for the delay…morning sickness. Humph.


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