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Busy busy busy.

It’s been a loooong time since I last blogged.

I haven’t been resting on my laurels thought, it’s been a hectic few week here at mush HQ…I am 11 weeks pregnant and feeling awful much much worse than first time round I’m pretty sure the tiredness is the same but probably made that much more unbearable because I can’t just take a nap, especially as on 23rd March my little bean decided to start to crawl…eeepppp.
The nausea is without a doubt worse this time, actual vomiting not just feeling nauseas, and as many women report it’s not just restricted to the morning!!
I am in good company though as two of my fave bloggers are also up the duff the lovely Urban Boheme and The baby wife exciting times!!

We are due 20th October, and we are both so excited, although I have to admit to being more than terrified of labour this time, I think it’s because I have all of my unused anxiety from last time all of this ones to build, and watching one born every minute (did you see the one where she puked AND shat herself?!) and I really really don’t want another section. Because I’ve had a section already I have to see the consultant after our 12 week scan and then we will get another scan at 36 weeks to make sure this Lil one behaviours better than its sister and isn’t breach.

So at least now you know why I’ve been so quiet, I’ve been busy sleeping. Or vomiting.


3 thoughts on “Busy busy busy.

  1. Eeeeeep!!! Wonderful, wonderful news 🙂 🙂 So chuffed for you lovely, sorry you are suffering too though. I can imagine it’s super hard when you have a little one to look after too….I can barely look after myself!

    Oh, and don’t watch OBEM….awful programme (especially this series!)

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