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V Day


Yes, we did nearly set fire to the actual chip wrappers

So, ‘member I said I was doing a fancy pants Balsalmic Pot Roast Beef for our first V-Day as Husband and Wife?

Well, come 6.20pm last night we had a power cut, so in the pitch black (and I mean pitch black I live in the middle of actual nowhere)  clutching my little bean I stumbled around finding torches and candles. FYI who has old school style candle holders anymore, it’s all about tealights right?  Hence the improvised holder – my Pyrex measuring jug!

After speaking to the Electricity board people they informed that their engineers were expected on site at 7.30pm, so after deciding that the Beef was going to have to wait until we had electricity again we plumped for fish and chips.  I went to fetch our feast whilst the Bean was put to bed by Daddy – and what a feast we had!  Him – Cod, Chips & saveloy and Me – cheesy Chips & 1/4 Chicken. it was yummy.  Then we snuggled under an old duvet and talked, it was lovely and romantic and in the end probably my favourite Valentines night ever!  We went to bed when the candles went out 🙂

And we were rudely awakened at 2.45am when all the lights finally came back on!

So tonight we will either be watching Bridesmaids, Warrior or Drive and attempting to salvage the beef!


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