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Water Water everywhere

We had a burst pipe this weekend.
It was horrible, utterly utterly horrible.

I cannot imagine how people must feel when they are flooded, I felt completely helpless.

Our pipes froze on Saturday, and we had cold water in the kitchen and enough remnants of hot in the pipes to bath our girl. We got up Sunday hoping to find them defrosted but it was worse, we flushed the toilet and it didn’t even refill. Doh.
So we tried flushing the system in the hope that it would force the blockage along and out as it had on previous occasions. nada

All we could do was leave it, with the hope that as it warmed up it would defrost itself, unfortunately that wasn’t to be.

At about 11.20 I was quite happily sat playing with my baba, when I heard water running, I thought to myself
“ooo, must be the shower running the water must be back” as I stepped into the hall the water sounded MUCH louder than it should – I ran into my kitchen to be greeted with water streaming from the ceiling, through the spot lights, through and over my cupboards and cooker into an ever expanding pool of water on the floor.
I grabbed a mop bucket and emptied my bin to use as water receptacles and tried to call my Dad. (hubby was out collecting an eBay purchase!) no answer, being a farmer and allergic to mobile phones this was no great surprise, I tried my Mum, who tried to calm me down and told me she was on her way (abandoning her almost finished weekly shop in the middle if the aisle) I was still panicking at this point as I had tried turning the mains off and it wasn’t working the water was still flooding into my kitchen. My panic was rubbing off on my poor baby who was crying her eyes out so, desperate to stop the bloody water I called my poorly (man flu) brother who flew straight out his door (in his pjs too bless him!) to my rescue and arrived horn blarring (still not sure why tbh) and ran outside to find the stop-cock, Mum and Dad arrived shortly after Mum to calm me down and Dad to try and stop this bloody water!

Our lovely plumber friend also came to help and we got it sorted eventually, and sustained no real damage, well none that’s made itself apparent as yet.
My toaster, garlic and a few cookbooks are definitely worst for ware!

But, picture this if you will, my husband arrived home to see almost my entire family’s cars strewn all over the lawn and very solemn looks on everyone’s face and he immediately thinks that something terrible has happened to our daughter or me so when my Mum told him it was a burst pipe he was so relieved!!

Keeps your fingers crossed for us that there is no further damage


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