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Sometimes it’s just gotta be stodge!


I just need to start by saying that as a family we try and I think do, eat pretty healthily.
But sometimes, you need to go off the rails and have something a bit dirty, something that hits all the right spots for all the wrong reasons!

So pastrami bagels with oven chips and onion rings were on the menu!
Inspired by my h-mazing Father in law (who is such a great cook so I promise to post more of his recipes soon) he made these for us when he was visiting in late summer, and it was his “night off / easy cook” night and damn it was good.

So on the cold snow expected night that is tonight, comfort food was what I needed!
And it’s so simple:
Onion flavoured bagels, toasted and spread thinly with some mayo, one or two slices of pastrami topped with some holey cheese – Grill.
When your cheese is toasted to perfection layer on some sliced gherkin and tomato, and some lovely American mustard on the lid…put your lid on and slice on the diagonal.

Enjoy…not like teddy who was only allowed some cheese!


I promise, its tastier than it looks!


Can you imagine the state of those chops when he smells steak?!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s just gotta be stodge!

  1. This. Looks. So. Guilt-inducingly. Fantastic! Can I put in a request for a pastrami recipe?


    • I’ll see what I can do!
      I will be posting my made from scratch Bolognese recipe soon and it’s so easy it would be rude for u not to try it 😉

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