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Shred It

Jillian Micheals.  The woman is hardcore, she’s a trainer on The Biggest Loser and she knows how to get people into shape, so in keeping with my 2012 post I am trying to get my arse back into shape!

While I was pregnant I bought this DVD after seeing it recommended on Rockmywedding with the intention of doing it to lose my baby weight so that I could fit into my wedding dress, turns out breast-feeding burns a ridiculous amount of calories so I didn’t need to do it, and anyway trying to find 20 minutes to do a workout after a cesarean with a baby that wanted boob A LOT I was clearly living on cloud cuckoo!

So, I have started it, my first days was the 31st January, and as the title of the DVD suggests, you need to give it 30 Days, so by the end of feb I should be shredded!  I’m not naive enough to think I need to lose 20lbs I just want to kick-start myself, I ran my first mile the to other week aswell, and my legs felt fine my breathing however,  was another matter and that is really gonna take some fixing if I plan to do 13 of the bugger!

So anyway, back to the Shred, by god it hurts and I’m only on level one (of three) it feels like my thighs are bruised it got to the point where every time I got up and down from my chair at work I was moaning!  But as Jillian says

“Fear is pain leaving the body”

But god I wish it would do it quietly!

Watch this space…


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