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Grow Your Own

Yaye! We are finally, finally getting to do something that we always wanted – Starting An Allotment!

My lovely hubby spent two weekends clearing this area, re-soiling it (I am pretty sure that’s not the right term for it, but I like it anyway) and making these lovely little bays, we went to our local garden center and got ourselves some lovely seeds and the little propagation tray thingies so we can starts the little guys off from seedlings.  And the best bit is that its right outside our baba’s bedroom window so we can watch them grow.  It’s funny, when ever she’s looking for her Daddy during the days he’s at work she’s already looking out if her window into our little allotment for him, so sweet!

I’m so excited to see what we can grow and what lovely things I can cook up!  Roll on the summer, if we get one…I’m writting this as the snow is falling outside right now.


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