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Wonder Weeks (!)

WOW. Wonder Weeks suck!

Anyone out there with babies will at some point, I’m sure end up googling or browsing the many many parenting forums out there, when you’re seemingly normal, content lil’ baba turns into a clingy crying mess. And it’s those Wonder Weeks that are to blame.

I downloaded the app from the app store & bought the book, and once you start reading through the research (35 years & I’m really not as geeky as that makes me sound) it suddenly makes sense as to why you’re darling baby has suddenly turned into hell baby (yes, I know it is awful that I call my gorgeous girl this, but live through these bad boys and you’ll be with me I promise!) The changes they go through during these weeks are immense, I mean their worlds are literally turned upside down as they learn new things, simple things that we take for granted such as

  • Depth Perception – ie You can walk VERY far away from them and they can’t get to you
  • They are tiny in comparison to the world
  • Their arms and legs ‘do’ things, as opposed to flailing around random appendages!

And once you understand that you begrudge them a bit less and you understand the crying and clingy-ness and it makes it easy to sympathise, because I am telling you it is enough to break you!!

That is what we have been dealing with these last few weeks aswell as teething, and our girl does nothing but halves so it’s not her top teeth to match her bottom ones, she’s decided that her canine’s need to come through instead, and she is struggling big time so the sleepless nights in the orangemush household have been somewhat of a feature, but first thing in the morning when she crack’s that smile I’m over the night screaming and smitten.

And that’s why Mummyhood ROCKS.


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