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Calling All Long Limbed Ladies

I’m 5ft 9″. Big Whoop for me you are probably thinking. And yes, I do like being tall it’s who I am.


Why the hell is the Tall range in most shops and even online is so limited (Don’t even talk to me about ASOS, how I ♥ thee, but they don’t do a tall range.  Petit – yes, maternity – yes, Plus – yes excuse me, what about us tall girls?!

It drives me insane, because it’s not only the trouser length that’s a struggle, its sleeve length and then anything that’s waisted etc guess what?  It doesn’t sit on my waist!! It’s so frustrating (you can imagine how much fun I had trying to find maternity clothes to fit) And I don’t know why the Great British High Street doesn’t sort it out?

It so fricking annoying, I mean hello, seen any models lately (bar La Moss, obv) they aren’t exactly short are they, and yet they always seem to have nice fitting clothes don’t they?! Where the bloody hell do they get them, I appreciate that they have a lot bigger budget than I do, but still come one, give me a break!

So, anyone out there tall aswell – WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES?!

And before you say Long Tall Sally it’s just not my style…

So please, fellow tall chicks – tell me you’re shopping secrets!!

Palazzo Pants...help me find this look please!!

Oh, and incase you were wondering topshop has gone a bit AWOL of late as seen here (one hilarious blogging ladyee) courtesey of  The Baby Wife (who ROCKS)


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