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My little Mini Me

I have what most people call a healthy appetite, in other words I eat, and I eat a lot!  The first time we stayed with my husbands parents, his Mum commented that I “Wasn’t shy, most girls come and don’t eat much at all” I think I was on thirds at the time. ahem.

Well, I think my little girl is on the same track, the last few days for breakfast she has had a whole weetabix mashed with half a banana, lunch has consisted of 190g of main, a yogurt (90g) a fruit pot (90g) a babybel cheese and 10 little cheese & herb puff thingies. Dinner has been 190g of main and a yogurt OR fruit pot and a baby biscotti.  I might add that she still has 3 bottles a day aswell….BABY BEAST I tell you!

She has also this past week or so, started giving the most lovely cuddles I have ever had and the big open mouth kisses have got more and more frequent.  I loves it I tells you!

Mmmmm baby rissoto


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