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Easy Lamb Curry

As promised, here is an idea for what to do with left over lamb! (would work with left over beef aswell I imagine)

Slice a medium-sized white onion as finely as you can, chop up one small sweet potato into even sized small cubes and slice one red pepper into this strips. Toss the onion into your pot along with the potato until the onion starts to soften, and then add the pepper and two table spoons (heaped!) of Pataks Madras Curry paste, stir it around to coat everything in the paste and keep it moving for a minute or so so the spices get a chance to get cooking and not burning! Add a tin of whole plum tomatoes (bash about a bit with a spoon to break them a bit) and a drained can of chick peas, chuck in the diced left over lamb (or beef) and put the lid on, turning the heat down to a simmer.

Meanwhile, get the rice onto cook, when the rice is about 5 minutes away from being done empty half to 3/4 quarters of a bag of spinach into the curry stir it about and put the lid back on.

Drain the rice and plate up, give the curry one last stir – the spinach should have wilted nicely and the whole tomatoes will have broken down into the sauce, add to the rice and then add some Mango Chutney and a big ol’ dollop of Lime Pickle. Yum Scrum.

And not to fattening to boot…coz of all the veg you see…clearly deluding herself.


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