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Butternut & Chorizio Rissoto

So, I have been bought 2 gorgeous little books in which to write down my fave recipes. They are lovely little books and such a fab idea…except my writing is beyond terrible, and then I thought “Why not blog them?”
Starting with my hubbies favourite and a complete comfort classic for me.
I love making risottos, it’s such an involved process but so soothing and therapeutic.
You Will Need:
Arborio rice…200g
Half a butternut (stalky bit is easier to chop) diced evenishly
Half a red onion, chopped finely
Half a ring of cooked chorizio
Olive oil
Parmesan to serve
Stock – veg or chicken
Get the oven whacked up to about 180, put the butternut in a dish, sprinkle with olive oil and paprika and bung it in to roast. Should take no longer than 40mins, so start making the rissoto about half way through cooking.

Get the stock made, I usually use half chicken and half veggie stock mix about 2 pints, kept simmering on the hob while I’m making the rissoto as it cooks faster and more evenly when the liquid is added hot.
Once the butternut is half way through cooking, sling in a handful or so of the chopped chorizio so you get a lovely mix of textures in the finished dish.

Now you’re ready for the good bit – put your butter and a good few glugs of olive oil into a skillet type pan and once melted get the onions cooking, just before they go soft is when you want to add the rice.
Stir it all about to get the grains all coated and add about 2 ladles of stock and KEEP STIRRING!! The key is to get those grains giving up all their lovely starch so keep adding the stock, never allowing the rice to get completely dry and keep moving them around adding your stock a ladle at a time. It should take about 20mins to be ready, about 5 mins from the end add the remaining chorizio and when it’s all cooked through grab the butternut & chorizio mix from the oven and tip it in, juices and all and it will give the dish the most gorgeous orange glow, add your Parmesan on top, lashings of ground pepper and let it rest a few minutes before serving. Yum.
sometimes to change it up a bit and depending on what I have knocking about in the fridge you could roast some sweet potato with the butternut, or at the end before you let it rest stir through some Philly, I’ve tried the plain, garlic & herb and sweet chili all delish (Boursin also works a treat!)


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